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Sun, Sailing And Scuba – How To Enjoy The Sea Around Salcombe

Devon is a beautiful part of the world. The countryside around Salcombe is unspoilt for miles, with gorgeous green vistas and rolling hills. Look to sea, though, and you’ll find a whole host of new ways to enjoy your visit to Salcombe. We’re lucky enough to have some amazing watersports facilities, along with a long heritage as one of Devon’s premier seaside resorts.

Our early years as a seaside destination

As long as people have lived in Salcombe, the sea has had a huge impact on the town. You can trace this history back thousands of years; one of only 3 Bronze Age shipwrecks can be found not far from Salcombe. For most of the town’s life the sea has been the foundation of our economy. In the 19th century, though, Salcombe became well-known as a trading port. Everything from cider to pineapples came through the town, and dozens of ships were built here.

Towards the end of the century, Salcombe’s beautiful sandy beaches and easy sailing began to attract wealthy visitors. A yacht club was created in 1874, and there was even an owner’s club for a particular locally-built type of vessel, the “Salcombe Yawl”. Today we carry on the proud tradition of working with the sea, and Salcombe is home to a vast range of seaside sports and activities.

Watersports in Salcombe Harbour

The harbour at Salcombe is almost exclusively used by pleasure craft. The “bar” at the harbour mouth prevents deep-draft vessels from entering, so apart from the local fleet of shell-fishing vessels you’re unlikely to encounter anyone who isn’t sailing for pleasure! As a result, Salcombe Harbour is home to a huge range of watersports. These include paddleboarding, kayaking, dinghy and yacht sailing. If you’re a novice, there are plenty of sailing schools and clubs running regular events for beginners. For more seasoned sailors, the many local hire companies provide an easy way to experience life on the ocean wave.

Scuba diving in Salcombe

Devon’s coast is one of the best diving locations in the country. In the area around Salcombe there are plenty of wrecks and reefs for Scuba divers to explore, and many diving charter companies that cater to both novice and experienced Scuba divers.

Salcombe sailing and town regattas

If you’re lucky enough to visit us during August, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the Salcombe regattas. For a whole fortnight every year, Salcombe puts on a huge range of different events. One week will be based around sailing, with up to 400 entrants competing in several different classes. The other week opens up the competition to everyone; the town regatta events include mud races, sandcastle competitions, cross-harbour swims and many more fun activities. Whether you fancy having a try yourself or just watching others, you’re more than welcome to come along.

Salcombe is your destination for seaside fun

Everyone’s heard about the beautiful beaches around our town, but we have plenty of exciting water sports to offer as well! Whether you fancy a morning’s paddleboarding or a week of sailing, Salcombe has everything you need for the perfect getaway.