Roving Recruitment Service for Nurses Jobs in Devon

Ambition 24hours is employing ‘roving recruiters’ in Devon and Cornwall for the recruitment of nurses by the UK nursing agency, which also has 14 branches nationwide. The agency is particularly keen to recruit qualified nurses and care assistants who may have retired or left nursing due to family commitments, for example, and seek part-time jobs and employment.

“There is a shortage of skilled nurses in Devon and Cornwall and we are very keen to make it as easy as possible for nurses to return to work and find out about the jobs and opportunities that are available to them. We have recruiters who can travel to locations convenient to nursing staff and then complete the interview and form-filling that is required. And we have great pay rates for nurses jobs,” says Penny Streeter OBE, founder and managing director of Ambition 24hours.

Ambition 24hours supplies medical support staff to public and private sector healthcare providers, offering both temporary and permanent jobs for nurses, care workers and other personnel. Information is at

One of the first UK nursing agencies to offer a 24-7, 365-day service when it opened in 1996, Ambition 24hours has invested in advanced training and IT systems to meet consistently both the needs of nurses and healthcare employers. The agency is able to match requirements by job location, required candidate qualifications and work experience, at very short notice.

Ambition 24hours organises a range of training courses through its nationwide academy to enable nurses and care assistants to develop skills and achieve further qualifications for jobs and employment in the care of the sick, the elderly and other vulnerable people in Devon, Cornwall and other counties.

Further Information:

Ambition 24hours Nursing, Ambition House, 92 – 96 Lind Road, Sutton, Surrey SM1 4PL
Tel: 0871 87 333 33