Hope Cove, Devon

Hope Cove is situated about 5 miles west of Salcombe.


The documented origins of Hope Cove in Devon date back as far as 1281. Hope Cove is actually two connected villages known as Inner Hope and Outer Hope. Remotely situated, the population mainly relied on fishing as way of making a living, particularly for pilchards and mackerel.  Nowadays the remaining fishermen concentrate mainly on crab and lobster.

Hope Cove has a rich maritime history.  During the reign of Queen Elizabeth I Hope Cove was the only place that that the Spaniards. In 1588, the Spanish ship, St. Peter the Great was wrecked here. In 1760 more than 700 people died when the HMS Ramilles was wrecked at Hope Cove. During the world wars, Hope Cove housed men and women alike who ran the Radar and Radio Stations around the area. At the Cottage Hotel, Airmen boarded there to fly dangerous missions around Europe.

Hope Cove offers a solitary position but it now draws a lot of visitors. What was once a secret place for smugglers has become one of the well known holiday destination places in the United Kingdom.


Hope Cove has a number of cottages and holiday homes to choose from, close to its extensive area of beaches.  There are also a number of local pubs.