Dining in Salcombe

There are many five star restaurants in Salcombe that offer menus that will stimulate your taste buds and leave you wanting more.  In fact, pair any of these dinners with the fine red and white wines found in restaurants and you will likely have an experience that you will never forget.

One of the top restaurants located in Salcombe is Dick and Wills located on Fore Street with outdoor seating for those who want to look out over the coastline.  Dick and Wills offers some of the best white wines and also offers a seafood menu that pairs well with the white wines of the region.  At Dick and Wills you can find both lunch and dinner menus and the spot is perfect for both casual dinners and special occasion or romantic dinners depending on what you request when making a reservation.

Directly down the street from Dick and Wills and offering a fine selection of white wine found in restaurants and a complete seafood menu is the Galley which is well known for its scenic views out over the shore and its excellent friendly staff.  Window seats are in high demand at the Galley for the classic look they offer over the waterfront which is only made more perfect with a glass of white wine.  The Galley is also known for its reasonable prices and excellent menu with many people preferring to spend just a tiny bit more than they would in the pub and receive a gourmet evening out in the heart of Salcombe.

Those who are not in the mood for seafood may want to wander farther down Fore Street and try out the Catch Italian Restaurant.  Here you will find one of the largest Italian menus in the town of Salcombe and plenty of pasta and pizza dishes to choose from.  The wine selection is also very large making the restaurant a great find all around.  The atmosphere is laid back and casual and serving sizes are large making it a valuable find for those with large appetites and a taste for sensible wines.

Of course, sometimes even while on holiday you yearn for a traditional English menu, which is why heading into Higher Town in Salcombe for a trip to The Old Inn may be in order.  Here you will find great traditional meals such as pork belly, fish and chips, and steak pared with white wines found in restaurants which create the perfect quality meal.  Served alongside an excellent cosy and friendly atmosphere, a trip to The Old Inn is likely to remind you what makes England so great.